Angling Society

We are responsible for the management and protection of The Glades, a 2.5 acre
freshwater lake responsible for the River Shuttle. The Glades is open for day ticket fishing
alongside our membership society. Please see below for pricing and regulations.


The lake itself is owned by Bexley Council who annually lease the water to Lamorbey Angling Society. In return for the provisioning of this lease we have agreed to maintain and protect the water and the local wildlife which we have proudly done so for over 10 years. Fishing is permitted by Day Permit on the non-members side of the water or open access to all society members. Night fishing is only permitted to those who are on the night syndicate which is at the discretion of the LAS committee and the membership secretary.

The lakes stock includes Gudgeon, Eel, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Crucian Carp, Tench, Common Carp, Mirror Carp and a few ditched Koi. We're predominantly a class Tench water with most fish in the 3lb-4lb bracket. Our Crucian/Hybrid average 3lb whereas our Carp reach up to 30lb.

If you've had a good catch from The Glades we'd love to hear about it! Please email your name, the date of the catch, the weight and a photo to Thank you!

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We're based in the middle of a peaceful and
well maintained public wildlife reserve.


Day ticket anglers are expected to pay on the bank when approached by an LAS bailiff. Members must be prepared to present their membership card or handbook when requested by an LAS bailiff or a senior member of the society. Failure to produce such documents may lead to you incurring day ticket fees.

Day Ticket


  • For those 16 and younger
  • One Rod = £4.00
  • Two Rods = £5.00
  • Fishing Times: 08:00 to sunset

Day Ticket


  • For those 17 and older
  • One Rod = £6.00
  • Two Rods = £7.00
  • Fishing Times: 08:00 to sunset

Society Membership

Junior & OAP

  • For those 16 and younger or 65 and older
  • Annual membership = £20.00
  • One-off Administration Fee = £5.00
  • See below for further details
  • 32 swims available

Society Membership


  • For those aged 17 to 64
  • Annual membership = £35.00
  • One-off Administration Fee = £10.00
  • See below for further details
  • 32 swims available

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We execute regular work initiatives in order
to maintain our waters renowned quality!


Anglers must:

  1. Have a current valid Environment Agency rod fishing licence.
  2. Carry membership card/handbook and be produced on request by LAS bailiff or adult member.
  3. Only fish from designated swims.
  4. Return fish to the water, immediately and unharmed.
  5. Use a landing net.
  6. Use an unhooking mat for large fish when laying fish on floor.
  7. Clear all litter before and after fishing from your swim. This includes properly disposing of unused bait. All litter must be taken away with you or placed in the litter bins provided around the lake.

Anglers must not:

  1. Use barbed hooks, multiple hooks, trebles, lures or spinners.
  2. Use lead weights (as per Environment Agency rules).
  3. Leave rods unattended at any time.
  4. Use a catapult except to distribute bait.
  5. Enter the water except in extreme circumstances or with permission of committee.
  6. Use keepnets except in official LAS competitions.
  7. Have tents, fires, radios or guns.
  8. Behave in such a way that brings the society into disrepute.
  9. Damage any flora or fauna.
  10. Use bait boats.
  11. Use any mainline or leader other than nylon mono-filament.
  12. Use fixed leads, only semi-fixed or free running allowed.
Bait notices:

  1. Nuts are prohibited.
  2. Boiles are allowed on the hook and a small amount used in moderation as free offerings.
  3. Live baiting is prohibited.
  4. Pre-baiting is prohibited.

Fishing times:

  1. Non-members may fish from 8am until sunset.
  2. Junior members may fish from 7am until sunset.
  3. Adult members may fish from 7am until 2 hours past sunset (sunset times will be displayed on the notice board at the lake).
  4. Night syndicate members may fish overnight but are limited to a maximum of 2 nights in one calendar week and is subject to pre-booking. Once 2nd night done in the calendar week a gap of 72 hours before the next night is allowed.

Other notices:

  1. Members only are permitted to fish from the college bank, members may have one non-member guest fishing on the college bank with them, the guest must pay the relevant day ticket charge and may have to share the same swim if space at a premium. The member will also be responsible for their guests behaviour.
  2. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times on members bank. Leash may be of some length but must not extend further than half way between the member and next angler fishing. Any dog mess must be removed.
  3. Day ticket anglers may use 2 rods. Members may use 2 rods with the exception from November 1st to March 1st 3 rods may be used if sufficient space and correct Environment Agency rod licence held.
  4. No close season is currently in place, fishing may be halted at committee discretion.
  5. Non-members will be required to purchase a day ticket from an LAS Bailiff.
  6. Swim boundaries are half way across lake (where swims exist opposite) and half way to swim either side of you, this rule will not apply to night syndicate members fishing outside standard members fishing hours.

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